SendPro C-Series
Pitney Bowes Sendpro C-Series product design

The Pitney Bowes SendPro C-Series® is the simplest, all-in-one technology for office mailing and package shipping. It makes it easy for small to mid-sized offices to mail, ship, and track packages through one intuitive device.


Enabling Physical and Digital Commerce

The SendPro C-Series® is the first product line to be developed under Pitney Bowes dynamic new branding system. The key design challenge was to successfully identify, translate and apply a visual design language and user experience that was driven by the new branding system and its mission – that Pitney Bowes delivers precision and accuracy to create meaningful impact for clients.

product design of the Pitney Bowes Sendpro C-Series

product design of the Pitney Bowes Sendpro C-Series


Mailing and Shipping Made Simple

Experiential Brand Language (XBL) is the collective ‘brand voice’ of a physical device applied across sensory, engagement, and interactive elements.

Using this unique framework, the design team was able to define a comprehensive XBL that was grounded by the core values of Pitney Bowes.


xbl diagram showing sensory, interactive and engagement attributes

product design xbl pyramid diagram

Guided by a Northstar of simple, precise, inspiring and intuitive, the product’s design creates an intentional workflow, based on what users would logically think to do next.

The accent lines are designed to direct and inspire, and brings the Pitney Bowes’ brand directly onto the product and give a sense of how envelopes and packages move through the workflow. The form-forward stance communicates confidence and engagement with the user.

In addition to providing direction during the strategic design phase, the Northstar continued to provide guidance and alignment during the critical engineering and manufacturing stages – the place where details are often get lost. Successful implementation of CMF details, user experience and overall fit and finish by the multi-location, international team was accomplished through detailed design standards, multidiscipline collaboration and a user-first philosophy.


product design detail of Sendpro C-Series

product design detail of Pitney Bowes Sendpro C-Series

product design scale detail of Sendpro C-Series

product design button detail of Pitney Bowes Sendpro C-Series

product design detail of Pitney Bowes Sendpro C-Series

product design detail of workflow for the Sendpro C-Series


The Craftsmen of Commerce

The SendPro C-Series has been instrumental in increasing sales engagement and revenues for Pitney Bowes. The XBL and Design System provide a framework for future products and have helped increase their penetration in the small to medium business segment, reinforcing Pitney Bowes reputation as an innovative leader and trusted partner.


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